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Tried And Tested

ReCellTis™ is a proven treatment for all stages of wounds, even the most severe. It’s been tried and tested time after time with an impressive success rate.

Why It Works

ReCellTis™ works because of the impressive combination of ingredients and Proprietary Technology used in the formulation.

In recommending ReCellTis™ to your patients, you place their well-being and your reputation on a path to success. At ReCellTis™, you can count on quality service support, an award-winning staff to support you and your patients. Because we understand that wounds can be a big burden on patients, simply fax prescriptions to (915) 217-1225 and ReCellTis™ will be mailed directly to their home. Our courteous staff will contact the patient and help them process the payment.

Effective Against MRSA

ReCelltis is a new drug formulation that is effective against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a bacterial infection that is very hard to treat. Thirty six (36) randomly selected clinical samples were obtained from a pool of 100 specimens and tested in-vitro. The research confirmed in laboratory cultures that ReCelltis was active against all 36 strains of MRSA.