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Why does ReCellTis work better than other medications

ReCellTis not only kills the infectious microbes with broad spectrum antibiotics, it also promotes tissue repair by boosting the body’s immune system, stimulating skin cell production, and providing energy to the regenerating skin and underlying tissues.

Can ReCellTis Prevent Amputations?

ReCellTis has successfully healed wounds on patients facing amputation, therefore avoiding the trauma of losing a limb.

Will my Insurance Cover ReCellTis?

Because every insurance carrier is different, you’ll need to consult your insurance carrier. ReCellTis is made affordable for those who do not have insurance or if your insurance carrier does not accept to pay for ReCellTis.

How Can I Better Educate Myself About ReCellTis?

You can view the testimonials or click on the “Doctors” section of the website. There are many additional resources, such as the American Academy of Dermatology and The American Professional Wound Care Association.

Does ReCellTis require a prescription?

Yes. You can ask your doctor if ReCellTis is right for you.

Is ReCellTis available at my local drug store?

No. ReCellTis is made specially for the patient by one of our Approved Compounding Pharmacies and mailed directly to the patient.

Are there any side effects?

Thus far, no side effects have been reported by using ReCellTis.

What about allergies?

ReCellTis contains a sulfa antibiotic, so we recommend you inform the physician during the exam.

Can I ask my own physician to prescribe ReCellTis™ to me?

Yes. Simply ask your physician to prescribe ReCellTis™ to you and if he/she finds ReCellTis right for you, they can do so.