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Traditional wound care formulations either contain one antibiotic to kill or inhibit microbes or an enzyme to chew off old tissue. ReCellTis™ and its proprietary formulation provide numerous benefits besides killing microbes. ReCellTis™ contains 4 antibiotics with boosted antibacterial efficiency (Zinc, Silver), thus providing much broader anti-microbial spectrum coverage along with antifungal properties.

ReCellTis™ provides​

1. Improved Quality of Life
2. Increased Healing Speed
3. Reduction in Medical Health Care Burden

ReCellTis™ also promotes tissue regeneration through several different mechanisms

1. Boosts the body's own immune defense systems.
2. Modulates the expression of the connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) responsible for extracellular tissue wound repair (v-E).
3. Fuels mitochondrial energy production required during cell propagation / tissue regeneration.
4. Cream/Ointment/Gel base carrier provides a broad oil to water emulsion environment that not only aids in tissue hydration but also provides good drug delivery characteristics.
5. To View ReCellTis™ effects on wounds, see the "Case Studies" page. CAUTION: Images are graphic


ReCellTis™ is dedicated to helping persons with acute (new or recent) or chronic (longstanding) wounds. It has proven to heal stage 3 & 4 wounds in an average time of 1-3 months. The time may vary depending on patient’s condition. ReCellTis is Doctor Recommended and available without a prescription for immediate delivery to you.

ReCellTis Wound Cream is a dermatological pharmaceutical for wounds.

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Recognizing that a wound can have a significant impact on the quality of life of both the patient and the patient’s family, ReCellTis will be mailed directly to your home.